Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Royal 69th Highland Attack Oboes NEED YOU!

The Royal 69th Highland Attack Oboes, Airborne Division is looking for a few good .....uh......beings!

The Royal 69th Highland Attack Oboes is dedicated to the defense of the Caladonian way of life by means of general debauchery, lewdness, and the development of double reed instruments as tactical weaponry, whilst wearing tiny kilts and bunneh slippers.

Many technical specialties are possible for those with suitable qualifications. Positions available include (but are not limited to) Duke of Earl, Lord and/or Lady SmellyBottom, Bikini Inspector, First Codpiece, and the ever popular Homicidal Maniac.

Potential recruits should make application to;

Amplebeak Tinlegs LP (Lustrous Potentate)
Tanglewood Forest
Caledon Tanglewood

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