Monday, May 12, 2008

Carrah Rossini's Steampunk Dreamship

One fine recent evening I got a call from my friend Eren Padar, Dwagon
Emeritus of Elf Clan and fellow tinkerer. He wished to show me a new
Steampunk themed vessel he had recently acquired. So I popped over to
the sandbox at ElvenMyst to take a look. I was mightily impressed by
what I saw.

The Vessel is the Steampunk Dreamship, one of three such airships made by Carrah Rossini. There is also a submarine in the collection which Iunderstand is capable of flight as well.

The fit, finish, and level of detail is evident in the pictures. This
same level of meticulous craftsmanship was readily apparent in the build
of Ms. Rossini's shop and at the sky platform above where the demo
models of her craft may be viewed.

The quality of the build and level of detail carries over into the interior.

The craft also comes with an astonishing array of extra features such as
an operable big screen television and radio with a remote feature that
allows the radio to be used in flight over shared lands.

What isn't readily apparent from the pictures and description of
features is how remarkably well it functions as an aircraft, something I
was very concerned about given its 91 prims.

I voiced my concerns to Mr. Padar who promptly offered myself and Mr.
Hod Runningbear a flight about ElvenMyst. Hod and I took our seats as
Eren took the controls and we were treated to one of the most drama free
and comfortable rides we had yet experienced in SL.

After we landed Eren gave me the honour of taking the controls for a
spin about ElvenMyst. I was even more amazed at the craft's flight as
pilot. The only issue encountered was a slight delay at SIM border
crossings, which is a common experience in vehicles this large. The only
nitpick I could find is that the default viewing perspective in flight
is too close to the AV's head for my taste, and isn't adjustable. I
found that using mouse view when in flight gave the best field of view
for me.

After my "test drive" in Eren's ship I immediately ran out and purchased
my own copy. Save for the inability to rez the vessel on my own land
(Must do some spring cleaning) my experience flying the beastie about
Caledon's skies has reinforced my first impression. I've noted that in
flight the Dreamship seems to be an attachment, as I have not
encountered the dreaded "Full Plot" failure whilst crossing the
inhabited regions of Caledon. It also seems to become a phantom as it
can pass through solid structures with ease. I have yet to test the
radio and TV in flight.

All in all an exceptional product by an exceptional builder. I am quite
satisfied and will happily do business with Ms. Rossini again in the
future. Those interested in acquiring one of their own may visit her
shop in Dreamfall. If interested drop me a line in world and I will
gladly forward you a copy of the landmark.

I have named mine "Voyageur", after the French trappers who explored
much of North America in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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